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Picking an LED Flashlight Is Best

Flashlights: Picking an LED Flashlight Is Best

LED flashlights are much more energy efficient than other kinds of flashlights. Batteries will last 10x longer in an LED flashlight than in any kind of typical flashlight due to the power effectiveness of the technology.

You can also make use of rechargeable batteries in these flashlights (several brand names market rechargeable batteries with their LED items) which leads to never ever having to throw any kind of batteries away.

With LED innovation, the world of flashlights has gotten a great deal better. LED flashlights are one of the best investments in tools you could make because they will certainly last longer, be far more durable, as well as be a lot more reputable than routine flashlights.

Several home owners and Service Technicians are preferring to replace their existing normal flashlights with LED versions because they have seen that they’re an extra dependable, exceptional item that can be relied on.

LED flashlights are a crucial financial investment for you. Besides being good for the environment, they benefit your family. When the lights go out, you do not wish to be fretting about whether your flashlight will come on. You could have a scenario where you don’t have the time to be searching in drawers for fresh batteries or searching for one more flashlight that works.

With LED flashlights, you can trust that they will function the very first time, every time. They are long lasting also, which means that whether you are taking them outdoor camping, throwing them in the trunk of your vehicle, or merely shoving them in a kitchen drawer, they won’t damage on you and also will certainly still prepare to use when you navigate to drawing them out.

For a high quality investment that will aid you, you should turn to LED flashlights.

These handheld lights produced an extreme and also brilliant light. The latest white LED lights determine 60 times brighter compared to conventional flashlight light bulbs. The light will stay brilliant and also solid and will continue to be so until the battery and bulb start to run low– after several hundred hrs of continual usage.

LED flashlights have several useful and distinct attributes. The bulbs are long lasting– most light bulbs will last for a minimum of 60 hours of continual use prior to should have the batteries altered. They are also constructed to stand up to decreases as well as severe temperature levels without impacting the light illumination or life expectancy of the bulb.

This longevity is unmatched by conventional flashlights. With the longer bulb life and severe sturdiness, the health of your flashlight will certainly be one much less thing for you to fret about.

Flashlights could be a fundamental part of a family. You just never know when the electricity may go off or an emergency will certainly occur. For emergency situation circumstances, outdoor tasks or a backup in the automobile, a flashlight can play an essential role.

Typical flashlights have actually not always been reputable. The batteries pass away promptly and also without notification, the light bulbs do the exact same and also the light output fades without warning.

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Flashlights For Emergencies

Emergencies happen all of the time and you should always be prepared. If you are camping, hunting and or fishing, and you’re off the grid, you definitely want to be prepared. Having reliable gear makes all the difference.

Even if you’re not into the outdoors, you still want to be prepared, and having a good flashlight is a must for a preparation kit. You never know when you might break down and have no one around. It’s especially more critical if you’re stranded and in the dark.

What Is The Best Emergency Flashlight?

The answer to this question all depends on your emergency. Most tactical lights will be a good fit. Choosing a good tactical flashlight for emergencies is better because these flashlights were meant to take a beating and most of them are either water resistant or water proof.

When you’re in the pitch black dark, your mind starts to play tricks on you, and that is usually when panic starts. Being panicked in an emergency situation, isn’t a good thing, because that is when your situation can go from bad to worse.   

When you choose a light, you want something that is very bright and durable. You also want to choose a light that would work best for you in a particular event, or choose something that covers any potential situation.

Emergency Flashlight For A Car

All survivalist’s will tell you to have a good reliable emergency kit stashed away in your car for that “what if” moment. One item that is a must is a flashlight for your car. You want a flashlight that will give you the bright beam, and can also be used as a self defense tool. A tactical flashlight will provide both.


This is a good flashlight because of the brightness of it, the fact that it is water proof, and it’s reliable. Many tactical flashlights become hot to the touch after they’ve been on for awhile; the TC1200 has an overheat protection built in, to avoid this.

This light has 1200 Lumens and offers 5 modes – (high, medium, low, SOS and strobe). Strobe is great for self defense and for flagging someone down.

Having an SOS feature is not only important, but effective. I have a friend who was out on the Long Island Sound, and he was fishing. He used a light (I will discuss this light further down in this post), that had an SOS feature on it.

He placed the flashlight on the bow of his boat and without realizing that he had the SOS on. After awhile, the Coast Guard was approaching him asking him what the problem was.

He got ticketed $100 for a false alarm, even though he didn’t know it was on. But it worked and that’s what matters.

The TC1200 has a light beam that is up to 2 nautical miles. It will work after being in both cold and hot water. This light has a zoom feature that you won’t find on many tactical flashlights, but is pretty cool to have!

The video below shows you the difference in brightness between a standard flashlight and the TC1200.

If you like the TC1200 flashlight, you’re in luck because you can save up to 90% off if you purchase through this “link“.

Camping Flashlight Lantern

If you’re a camper or simply enjoy being in the outdoors, you know that emergencies tend to happen more often in these scenarios than is everyday life. It is important that you have a quality light with you.

Lanterns have been around for a long time. I remember as a kid when I went camping, we always had the trustful Coleman propane lantern. Coleman is still around, but battery powered lanterns of today, provide a much better light source and could save your life!!

The Streamlight Siege Lantern is, in my opinion, the best lantern available today. This particular lantern offers 1100 lumens, is rechargeable, can charge your cell phone, is water proof (all Siege lanterns will bob around like a buoy when placed in water), has a waterproof container in the base, and offers a red light (which animals cannot see) with SOS.


If you’re out and about exploring this great country, make sure that you have a flashlight that you can count on. The Streamlight Siege Lantern is one that you should own. The SOS feature on this lantern will run for 18 days, which is a good thing in hopefully helping you get rescued if you ever find yourself alone.

If you want more information on this awesome lantern, please check it out here.

What Is The Best Flashlight For Hiking?

If you’re a hiker or someone who enjoys rucking, you know that every step you make could be your last, if you’re not careful. This is especially true if you’re someone who enjoys night hikes or rucks. You need a reliable light to help guide you down your path, but also in case you ever got stranded.

When you’re hiking or rucking, having a headlamp is probably your best option, and, you want a light that can be seen from a distance. The idea is to see where you’re going and if you get into trouble, be seen.


Surefire Maximus Headlamp  

This headlamp is what is featured in the video above and as you can see, it is very powerful. This light offers a 500 lumen LED light source that will last an hour on high beam.

This light is rechargeable and offers the SOS feature that will last for days.

Some headlamps can be considered expensive, but you have to look at it this way, when in need, do you want a light that might work, or one that will work?

If you want more information about this particular headlamp or wish to purchase it, please take a look here.

Streamlight Double Clutch USB Headlamp

This is another option for a headlamp. The Streamlight double clutch USB headlamp is a rechargeable 125 lumen, “dual fuel” light. You might be asking what duel fuel means? Simply put, you can either use the rechargeable battery, or you can use three AAA batteries. 

This light is almost weightless, so you won’t even realize that you’re wearing it. This light is water resistant up to two meters. The beam has a range of 82 meters.  If you are interested in this headlamp and want more information or would like to purchase, please take a look here.


This post is all about making sure that you’re prepared for an emergency by having a good quality flashlight in your possession. You don’t want to be stuck somewhere without any type of light source, especially if you’re hurt. There are many different types of “emergency lights” that you can find. but the ones listed here are better branded lights and therefore you can trust them, when you NEED them!


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What Is a Tactical Flashlight?

What is a Tactical Flashlight?     

When most people hear the term “tactical” the first thought would probably be, “military” or “law enforcement”. This is partially true because the flashlights that fall under the term “tactical” are in fact manufactured for the military and law enforcement. But, I have come to learn that tactical lights are great lights for the industry I work in (HVAC).

If you work in the trades, (hvac, electrical, etc) I am sure that you have used many different types of lighting sources and probably found most of those sources are a pain in the ass to deal with.

I am sure that you have heard the expression, “you get what you pay for”. This is especially true when it comes to buying good lights. If you want something that is going to last you, you ,may have to be willing to spend a little extra; but that isn’t always the case.

What Are LED Flashlights For?

Unlike standard bulb flashlights, LED (light-emitting diode) flashlights don’t have bulbs, instead that have circuit boards. Most light manufacturers have gone to LED lighting sources because they can project a brighter light and LED lights are supposed to last for life.

LED lights can offer higher Lumen lights. The customers that purchase the lights that I sell, tend to want higher lumen lights. A good quality LED will last longer, is more durable and will provide a better light quality. LED lights are great for applications where you have to look into a drop ceiling, a dark dusty boiler room or when you’re looking into a roof top unit where there is no credible light source.

LED lights are also great for instances such as camping, fishing, or hunting. Some of these tactical lights are waterproof and can offer different colored lens shades. Some lights come standard with an optional colored light.

Tactical Flashlight Reviews

As this website is built, there will be reviews of different brands and lights. I really like the Streamlight brand of lights, so you will see these often. The reviews will show you the differences not just in cost or durability, but will also review the warranties. A good warranty will help you determine which brand and or product fits you better.

Not all “expensive” lights are good for “all” applications, and this is important for you to know. You can also pick up some really good lights without spending a ton of money. Streamlight offers a lot of good quality lights at a fair price. These reviews will tell you where to get the best deals and what to watch out for when looking at these different lights.

As I have said in my about me page, I am a flashlight freak!